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It could be worse for him…He could be wearing one.


Rummaging through the slingbacks now, Ladies…
Christoph Duchamp £1700😂 Rebranded pagani design, £57 😁 pretty useless chrono if you can't measure time over distance
Yes, really this is getting ridiculous. Pretending the "proper" price is sky high and then Mike Moron whittling it down to £1100 and finally £399.99. Like it always is.

And the screen presentation is so amateur in this brand new studio. No side panel. Details behind him. Telephone contact on a piece of paper. Terrible.
I do really like the styling of the marine chrono think they've got it spot on, not for me though Mikes patter aint cutting it!!!

Im keeping my IW purchases low end, low risk, currently purchases limited to a William Hunt fragrance and a fleece blanket!!
Christoph Duchamp £1700😂 Rebranded pagani design, £57 😁 pretty useless chrono if you can't measure time over distance

That's why his claim, that it's an authetically approved diving watch is a load of bull, it ain't, it may have a 200 mtr wr but that's not the same as passing ISO 6425 to be an approved Diver's watch.

It's a bit of a mix mash sports style watch, trying to look like both a speed timer/diver watch, without it actually being able to properly do either function. It fails as dedicated diver's watch due to the small seconds and fails as a speed timer by not have the tachymeter bezel/scale.
The whole affair is so desperately cynical. Targeting by accident or more probably by design, the well-intended but ill-informed on both watch brands and watch values and quality. Well-intended because it could by a grandparent wanting to buy a special gift for their grandson for an important occasion. Or an anniversary gift for a spouse. Taken in by these ridiculous RRPs, and believing enough of the out of suitcase patter to think any sensible business is going to knock £1400 off that RRP and sell it to them. £400 is a lot of money to most people and to get the generally not flushed to part with their cash on what is essentially hysterical hyping up of these types of watches leaves a very sour taste in the mouth. Secondary markets is an even shabbier tactic, and not one I’ve heard before, but it certainly wants to make me throw up my hot dogs on hearing it. Telling people they are such a steal of a purchase, that to buy and sell them on could even make them money. I mean God help us.. Can’t they find it within themselves to sell these types of products in a realistic and more honest manner??

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