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He also had a medium size of those Barbour esque jackets the other day. A ‘Big Lad’ as ‘huge’ as him would not be in a medium or a large or an XL….He says anything that suits what he is selling at the time. He saw Sally with something he desperately needs earlier - her corsets? Those boxes are absolute class - not.
Now the dregs of the merino wool scarves from before Christmas. The patterns are hideous, buy both and get a discount. No thanks, I'll pass. According to the schedule, Mike has an Akai turntable at 9pm. Might be worth a watch, they are a decent brand.
Correction, just looked at Akai turntables, they are very cheap now. My late father was a hifi enthusiast, and I remember Akai being quite good quality. I might have known IW wouldn't sell anything half decent.
Got to respect Eterna. After all, without the automatic winding they pioneered, we’d all have calloused fingers!
But I think they’ve contracted such a lot. They had such big ideas with the Caliber 39 - hoping it might be a real modular competitor to ETA and Selitta. But it wasn’t to be. I have a nice 1949 with the full calendar Valjoux 7751 in it that always makes me smile when I wear it.

Yeah it's a shame, they've such a small offering these days, I quite like the Kontiki bronze diver, just wish they made it slightly smaller, they do have smaller diver 38mm for the ladies, but not in bronze or the colour i would like..
I've just one Eterna, one from the Heritage Military 1939 Collection, re-issue/homage of the “Majetek” pilot watch which was issued to Czech Air Force pilots at the start of WW2.

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