Rainbow sapphire bracelet arrived!


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Nov 19, 2008
Hi all

my gorgeous bracelet arrived, this has to be the bargain of 2009!


Just noticed on the picture you don't see the lovely vibrant blues that are also in this bracelet!

it's not on the web anymore but stock is available, just ask for item URF 2964. They tell me that not all products are on the web as there are too many. It's 7.5 inches long, 7.04g yellow gold, 5.6 carat of beautiful marquise cut vibrant, well graduated RS. I'm really delighted. The shop price was £397 (which is actually a great price) and when i phoned up personal shopper they said i could have it for £345 and then i added my 10% voucher from last week so i got a real steal. I recommend this bracelet to anyone who really wants a beautiful RS bracelet that is tennis style, feels substantial and is really wow.

I've recently bought yellow diamonds, blue diamonds and now this from Gems TV. I'm so happy to see some great jewellery at good prices again

Davina X
Congratulations on your lovely new acquisition Davinababe, it looks very pretty in the link and very colourful yet dainty.
I wouldn't mind seeing one in this current price meltdown......but I s'pose that's rather unlikely! :confused2:
I think I heard it said they are coming to the end of the RS range.

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