QVC US Beauty Bash Video


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to get invited to any qvc event you have to spend mega mega bucks...

The QVC Beauty Bash in America, you buy tickets and can bring up to five guests with you. They do packages for people to stay overnight and the ventors join you for dinner. Silver, gold and plantinum(sp) are the choices, you get a goodie bag left in your room for you, as well as the goodies at the event.

The draw is opened online on a certain day and you get in first and book when they tickets are gone it ends. Usually all sold before lunch on the release day. Of course each guest you bring has to pay for their tickets too. But everyone gets a goodie bag etc. They also seem to gave a large QVC store at the event selling all the beauty brands available too.

I think it is so much fairer than QVC UK's random invites with one guest.
qvcuk would rather you spend the cash as the profits go into these specail events but it would be fairer if you could buy tickets i would love to go but cannt afford to spend as much as i would like to credit crungh and general poverty being all prevalnat lol

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