QVC Tunic Fiasco and TSV sewing kit


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Nov 2, 2008
:12:I was watching QVC a few days ago and saw some lovely Kim and Co Tunics , I went to my local Primark to see if they had something similar.
Well Primark is out of my price range and they had a few things similar but I could not buy them , 4 pounds a pop!!
I remember back in the day a top from Primark was a quid but now its 2.50!!!
Well I can afford a quid but not 2.50 so Primark is a bit out of me price range.

So anyway I purchased from QVC this glitter dust and sequin pack to sew on to my old faded basic bits like your jerseys, your v-necks and your cami tops , but then they all fell off and my basics were all full of little holes from the stitiching of the sequins so then I got some old scrap materials and made these cute little patches to cover up the holes and make it look kind of fashionable , kind of like an old teddy.

Then in the wash all the patches disintegrated and frayed , and my clothes looked terrible!
I went back down to Primark and again I left disgusted at the prices.
I went up to me local Asda as I heard they were reasonable , but they were just as bad!!
I decided in the end to go back to Primark and buy their damaged clothes , the ones with buttons missing , stitching ripped..etc and I spent this evening sewing them all back with my TSV from QVC a few months back (a sewing kit).

They look good as new but im still keeling over with the thought of having spent so much , Primark is out of me price range :12:

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