QVC Sale ... Pah!


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Leeds's Lovely LoopyLoo
Jun 24, 2008
Jewellery all day Monday - hideous fashion all day Tuesday - mix on Wednesday with just ONE hour of beauty yiike yiike yiike
Woohoo!!! Bargains galore!!! Oh no, wait - this is QVC we're talking about...
Yay, jewellery all day clapping

and pretty much no chance of me buying anything, but I do like to watch
It's been rubbish so far, nothing outstanding at all and the reductions don't seem that great to me - and not as many sell outs as they normally have either...
Beauty in the sale is always total rubbish. Usually crap which has been on clearance for ages and never sold. Example those Jennifer E thingy purse mirrors.

Totally agree donna255 there is never anything you really want and if there is they have only just taken the p&p off the price booooooo :p

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