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Oh yes indeedy
Aug 8, 2008
Ok, I know I should have listened, I should have trusted the reviews, consider my wrists well and truly slapped.

The Archos 405 TSV wasn't quite as complete as the demonstrators made out it to be. It would seem, their DVR travel adapter, which is supposed to enable you to record directly from your TV/ DVD source doesn't do that at all !!! It is completely useless. I've tried for an hour this morning, plugging it into every possible video source here and the archos keeps tellimg me the same thing. There's no connection. Sooooooo I rang Archos only to be told that it won't work because it's the wrong thing. What I actually need is a DVR Station!!! Why this useless pack was put together is beyond me. Anyway, I rang QVC CS and they've told me archos is going to be sending out the bit of kit that I need and so they should. Apparently I'm the 6th person already to chase it up. Well it had better be here before my 30 day MBG runs out or there'll be ructions. I am sooooo annoyed!!!
So everyone who ordered it will get the sent the piece?

I got the archos for a christmas gift and would hate it not to do what I thought it did.
So everyone who ordered it will get the sent the piece?

I got the archos for a christmas gift and would hate it not to do what I thought it did.

I'm assuming so Irishbliss. What a farce!!!

On the plus side, it's a gorgeous lilac colour but don't think my two boys will be pleased.
do you need to buy a plug-in or firmaware to allow you to get tv on this one? Because you do on the others...Does anyone know?
Don't get me started on QVC misselling this TSV. My hubby has been eyeing archos for a while. He watched the TSV and decided to buy it. It looked lovely and shiny and silver on screen, and there was not any mention of colour. So imagine our suprise when it arrived, with pretty pictures of silver archos' on the box, only to discover its a lilac colour (I think Nails Inc do a varnish this sort of colour). I have phoned QVC who say they have had hundreds of calls along this line, that the on air team have said that it was the lights that made it look silver and no, they have not got a silver one to replace it with.
The final nail in the coffin has been the issue mentioned above. No wonder the whole thing was so cheap. So I am now in the position where I have to go through the hassel of returning what was going to be hubbys birthday present (and we all know how un-user friendly it is to return stuff to qvc).
I am sure this must all be in breach of some ofcom rule. Auction Worlds spectacular failure did at least leave us with some very strict rules about tv sales.
I don't know if this helps at all but I spoke to someone else at Archos this morning who was a lot more helpful. He told me exactly what to do(in a divine French accent) and after loads of different combinations of wires in sockets I managed to get it to record from my DVD player. The Archos fella told me the best way to do it is with a scart adaptor. It's one of those little scart boxes that the red, yellow and white leads plug into. He said it was very important that the box was an OUTPUT one as the one i had (input) wouldn't work. I have to go out and buy one of those sockets as I managed to get it to work through the DVD player without it but want to record from the TV. Thankfully my two boys were so impressed with the unit itself they weren't bothered by the colour. It's really girly though.
I have not got mine yet but I think it will be going back, lilac is not a good look for my brother!!!
I managed to get my 30gb archos to record tv today!!!Yippee Have only managed a manual record as cannot get epg to work but at least it is recording!! I think you are right about the new archos, record directly off video or dvd player. I am so happy though.
Siren, don't go buy the scart adaptor! Just call Archos on 0870 609 1963 and they will put one in the post for you! The 405 records great from the TV. Mine is plugged directly into my Humax freeview box as luckily it has composite (red, white, yellow) out.
Hi everyone,
I have bought 2 of these for xmas presents, so have not opened or tested them. But thanks to this wonderful forum I have now discovered that something is missing/does not do the job? am I right? and what do I now need to do to avoid disapointment on xmas day.
Many thanks to you all for an entertaining and informative forum, long may it continue.
I think you have to phone Archos Birdseye ...see previous post...and ask them to send you 2 scart adapters you should be sorted then.
Thanks so much, just panicked a little, before reading thoroughly. So two more presents to wrap for under the tree.
I'm well impressed with mine now I've got it going. The picture quality and sound is great. I can't believe I was going to get them iPod's instead. One thing, the bits from Archos were carp!!! Like Snoopy said, what is needed is the scart adaptor. What I actually got was two stands to rest the 405 on. :33:

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