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Jun 24, 2008
Can anyone tell me if all items of jewellery from QVC have 'QVC' stamped along with the hallmark?

Have seen some nice white gold earrings that I'd like to buy as a gift for someone and don't particularly want it on there - not that I'm a snob or anything.:D
Out of you think the person who the gift is intended for would look? I would be delighted with any gift of jewellery regardless of where it came from so if the person looks to see the hallmark, let them see QVC although to be honest...T&Co might be nicer :D
I have noticed Suarti and Treasures of India Jewellery always tend to have QVC written on them, but not all the jewellery has. The gold does not seem to have this.
If it is earings you are buying they would need a magnifying glass to read it I think so i think you will be safe on that score

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