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Jun 25, 2008
Along with the honora tsv, I bought the twisted rice pearl necklace, 680573...I got the grey which is lovely, very casual looking and the glow is beautiful. Anyway the necklace turned up in a Suarti silver bag! I've got nothing against Suarti but this was Honora and I wanted the right packing. I phoned CS who said that they would get me the correct packaging sent out and I expected the neat little Honora bag or one of their silk purses. Imagine my surprise when an 8 inch by 8 inch wood effect hinged jewellery box turned up! Its about 4 inches deep and padded inside...wtg QVC!!!!!
sounds like it was the packaging we should have got with the honora pearls necklace tsv in october.instead we got a cloth pouch!

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