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OMG that is awful, even by QVC standards. Parachute is a good word for it, but I think I would rather throw myself out of the plane without one, rather than wear that!
The photography of the fashion items leaves an awful lot to be desired Star. I sometimes have a glance throught the clearance items and cannot believe the pictures they have put on representing the items. A lot of the models also dont look as though they want to be there, standing in a most unflattering manner.
I'm sure they would sell more if they got the pics right. Bet when that mac appreas on Tanya or Sharon it will look completely different!
I am sure you are right BetLynch, but I can not get my head around the fact that QVC is a business, they want to sell, and then they have photography like that?????
beggars believe really.
It's the length of garents I don't get- M Hope skirts are really long on even 6' models.

No chance for a 5' 2" person like me.

That's what I like about M&S, they provide sizes for the vertically challenged.
I know Glen Campbell was ill a while back but I have not seen him on QVC
very much lately

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