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Aug 2, 2009
As they like to keep reminding us it's not long til the festive season is upon us so how about the title, cast list, songs costumes and scenery for the QVC christmas about "Puss in Markon boots" with a stage set designed by Kirks Folly starring Jill Franks as the principal boy. Jennifer Kirk is an obvious choice for the bad fairy, Yankee candles could provide the somewhat dangerous lighting tho no doubt they could find stuff in the gardening department.
Kim and co could provide the "Christmas sparklers" , all that static would make a good show !.

Has to be Quacker factory for the outfits !.

The man (cant think of his name ?) who does the Christmassy bits "Dexter" ???, would be Santa.

now who could be the ugly sisters ????? :thinking2::thinking2::thinking2:
How about Dennis Basso, Harold G (the Pompoos? costume jewellery range) & maybe George Simonton as the Ugly Sisters. AY could do the make-up using plenty of Smashbox?

Simon Wilson as the Genie of the Lamp - if doing Aladin - could just see him in those turkish slippers that turn up at the toes!
Alison Young could play the character that sells Jack (ie) the magic beans! or the villain since people seem to love to boo her! :D

And Charlie "I'm single" Brook could be Peter Pan The Boy Who Never Grew Up.

Liz Earle was born to play The Good Fairy! (with her mini apprentice me for an extra twist) but I could definitely see Mally as the ideal Make Up Fairy Godmother for Cinderella.

I could see BE SJ or Stacey Schiefflin as Principal boy doing all the thigh slapping for some reason! :eek:

And the Bobbi Brown fellas as the Ugly sisters! (sorry boys!)

There's rather a lot of candidates for the Pantomime Dame isn't there? :) - and evil witches / bad fairies! :eek:

Bella Pierre could do the make up cos you would see that shiny stuff from space so you'd be fine waaaaay back in the cheap seats. :grin:

And a crack team of velvet voiced sexpots comprised of Daniel Sandler, Honora Ralph and Ojon Dennis could be the narrators. :clapping:

Pippa could sing, Julian (and his granny) could be the comic relief...

Now who to play the back end of the cow / donkey....?
Craig could be Buttons

Julia could be Cinderella, she of the teeeeny feet

Sara G as the puss in Puss in Boots

Anne Dawson or Suzie Adams as Widow Twanky

Anthony (or Dale) for Prince Charming

Richard J and Craig as 2 of the dwarves in Snow White

Jill F for Tinkerbell in Peter Pan

Malcolm (Lock & Lock) - the character who says "he's behind you" and "Oh yes he is "


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