QVC arranges everything, even your afterlife


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At least they don't have Michael Parkinson advertising funeral plans between shows like the other side :O I was shocked when I saw it!
Seen these before

I have seen these advertised on the web and telly elsewhere. Seems a
good idea, seeing how much it costs to do with your solicitor.
I did mine years ago when I bought my first place.

Unfortunately, those is the facts. We are born, learn about the world,
have a good time (if we are lucky enough), some make worthy contributions,
some cause pain and distruction, some get disillusioned with it, and then we die (hopefully with as little suffering as possible)!
Sorry, I am bit of an old cynic
I made a Will when I was 30. Even though I have no dependents, I wanted to make sure my effects go where I want them to, etc.

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