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Aug 10, 2008
The Forest
Can any of you quidco experts out there tell me how long it takes for an item which is status tracked to go to validated etc. I have only started using quidco for about a month and all my qvc items still say tracked. Some hmv and game purchases say validated.
It can take a while - I've got a purchase from 4th Nov which is still only tracked but everything before that is either validated or paid.
So approx how long does it take when it goes to validated to get the money??? Sorry to be a pain but as I have not been doing it long wondered as it just says on their site that items go from tracked to validated then paid but no idea of time.
Some retailers are quicker than others, rosey. But it can take up to three months to actually get the payment.
I started using quidco in September (mainly QVC purchases) and I havent received anything yet. Had a problem with 3 qvc buys in September showing 0.00 but when I raised it with Quidco they said the seller (qvc)would rectify ...still waiting

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