quick question.. tarnish preventer thingys


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Sep 24, 2008
Does anybody know and can tell me the use of the tiny square things u get in plastic bags with the silver earrings? they say tarnish preventer or something..

what u do with them?

sue x
Keep the black squares in the box/bag/whatever you keep your silver in. They absorb harmful pollutants and damp all of which causes your silver to tarnish/blacken. If you go for a PreZerve jewellery wallet (see QVC) it's pretty amazing how similar fabric/technollogy keeps silver sparkling and all your goodies in one place.
Hi Suzyglam,

These are really effective, but you'll need bigger strips for placing in a jewellery box, and/or replacements for small boxes. If you or anyone are looking for a stockist (which I found really hard initially when Lakeland stopped doing them, here is a link http://www.howarth.uk.com/default.aspx and are called 3M Anti-Tarnish paper

This may seem strange as it's a woodwind instrument company, although it makes sense when you think about it. Very fair price at (currently) £2.90 for a pack of 4 (large strips - not like little dinky Gems pieces) and usually next day delivery. I can't remember p&p but I'm sure it was reasonable. I have a large jewellery box and use one sheet per full size drawer.

Argey xx

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