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Aug 18, 2009
I ordered some winter flowering pansies from Ideal World on 31st. August and they were delivered 8.30am today. Their condition is first class so I am looking forward to having a colourful winter garden.
Good for you, Poppy:flower:

I've had quite a few flowers/shrubs/trees from IW and have never been disappointed with the delivery or condition of them....it's one of the few things IW get right and do very well :clapping:
I havent had a lot of flowers/plants from IW but a couple of years ago i got suckered into one of their garden bulbs deals (year long garden bulbs or similar). When they arrived they were "soggy" and looked like they had been leaking, so gave them to my Mum. BIG mistake as her garden was lovely all year long and i was green with envy!

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