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Jan 7, 2009
I have been having a good read of your new book, loving it. I came across a star sapphire on page 21 and it is gorgeous. Are these hard to come by as I have never seen any for sale? Does Rocks&CO ever get them? I suspect that being blue they are very sought after and knowing my taste, very expensive!
Hi T1ger:

Sorry for the delay in responding, I’m on the road at the moment and never seem to have a free moment.

Thanks for your thanks, the book was very much a labour of love, so I am glad people are enjoying it.

In short, yes, yes and yes. Exceedingly rare and expensive, this gem is a very special piece. A Star Sapphire of this calibre (quality and size, 20+ carats) is difficult to source and because of its singularity, such a piece would be a bespoke addition to the One collection. This Star Sapphire hails from Madagascar and is one of the finest Star Sapphires I have ever seen. You can see another picture of this gem and learn more about Star Sapphires on page 100.

Thankfully, because of their natural variation, gems also vary in price. More affordable Star Sapphires are either richer coloured with less transparency or more of a silver blue (which I find quite attractive). Giving where and when’s with natural products like gems is difficult, so my best advice is to stay tuned.

Hope this helps and thanks again for your support.

Kind Regards,

Thank you very much for your reply, as I suspected much to my husbands dismay, I spot the pricey gems! I will watch in anticipation for you to bring us some more affordable star sapphires in the near future.

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