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Hi Suzy, I have a Alexandrite yellow gold eternity style ring,bought from gems in the early years, I think it was my first purchase from them, and although the stones are small I do still notice the colour change, I love this gemstone there's an alexandrite hour on gems2 now, may see some interseting items there x
awww missed it, bin a bit poorly so went to lay down wen put my little un to bed, he not too well either, never mind, thanks for ur post anyway.
I have an alexandrite and diamond ring from the very, very early days of gems - I can see the colour change - and these are small stones. I love this ring too, wear it all the time.

Good luck when you buy and hope you feel better soon. :flower:
oooh I like that pendant! just my cuppa tea :D

generally, the darker the green, the better the colourchange. Ditto the clearer the stone. that pendant looks like it will show some nice colours.

funnily enuf today am wearing my alex bracelet and pendant for a change lol
I hope you don't mind Sammi but I would just like to disagree with you, my esteemed fellow gem collector. Mwah x

In my experience, the depth of green doesn't necessary mean anything where colour change is concerned. I have a deep forest green with hardly any change. Some of the lighter greens actually show their change more (probably because they're lighter and so you notice the change).

Also, if an Alex has silks or clouds it actually can enhance the colour change so this is one gemstone that if it's got inclusions it might actually benefit the gemstone overall!

Weird I know but there you go! :grin:

Suzy - In terms of do smaller stones show they colour change more or less? No. There is no rule. Each gemstone has its own composition so you can't tell by size, colour or clarity. The only test is to see it in all lights. If you look at my avatar you'll see a phenomenal 3ct Alex that has stunning colour change. I have another 3ct Alex with very very very little colour change.
I have a very similar pendant in y/g Suzy, and altho' very pretty, I don't get any colour change from it at all.
thanks all, well il see when it arrives it wasnt v.expensive.. £58 so can afford to look, and Messh yes I love ur avatar, its truly wicked!

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