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Jun 24, 2008
I've had a PK brush on waitlist for ages and I finally got it today. It comes with three sachets of Elasticizer, which I am looking forward to trying before the TSV, as I know this product has cult status among many FMs and also has reve reviews on the web site. With a PK TSV coming up, the timing couldn't be better.

The sachet says that you should wet hair and then apply in sections. I have never seen the Elasticizer demonstrated so I am not clear about how wet the hair should be: lightly damp only or properly wet? How do you Elasticizer fans use it and is it really as fab as it seems? Cheers! x :flower:
Hi SS it's meant to be applied on damp hair not wet hair. when i use it i don't take it up to the roots as it's quite a heavy product.
I've just posted about my problem hair on the wigs thread, i went to see PKwhen i had severely damaged hair, he said that elasticiser was going to save my hair. It was good but i wasn't blown away with it. personally i find ojon better for my hair. Enjoy using it SS
I like Ojon too, but have found that for my occasionally limp hair elasticizer makes it feel like it has more 'guts'. I probably only use it once a week, and never before I have it coloured because I have heard that you get better colour results without it, but I ALWAYS use it after colouring and am really happy with it!
Damp hair. Slap the elasticizer on and comb it through to the ends. Cover it with a shower cap or towel, and leave it for as long as possible. Shampoo it off, condition and dry in your usual way.
Your hair will feel lovely.
I bought a sachet of this on EBAY to try out. It did not bowl me over.
I have given up on QVC hair products as none of them do much more for
me than stuff bought in the supermarkets can. I have found the best thing
I can do for my dry coloured fine hair is treat it gently (ie dont wash hair
in shower!, sleep on silk pillows cases) and dont overload with product.
Lemon juice is the best hair rinse in the world for getting rid of old hair
product buildup and you get a brilliant shine.
I :heart: elasticiser, it is a lifesaver on Floridian holidays, I simply damp hair comb through and Im good to go until the evening when I rinse it out and then shampoo it, stops the colour fading and keeps my short hair in tip top condition

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