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Aug 29, 2008

I don't usually watch IW as I don't like their hard sell, market stall mentality, but was told by a friend that IW were doing the new Queen Cd box set so I checked on their website for the prices!

Good grief! If anyone is thinking of buying this then don't get it from IW! Amazon are doing much better prices!

IW: 2 CDs & Hardback book £33.99 & £5-95 p&p = £39-94
Amazon: £27-39 free p&p

IW: CD only: £9-99 & 2-95 p&p = £12-94
Amazon: £8-98 free p&p

IW vinyl version: £65 & £5-95 p&p = £70-95
Amazon: £48-89 free p&p

Yet again IW are treating their viewers/customers like fools!
These items are also available on the High Street cheaper than the price they are asking! Madness!
What I dont understand is IW's crazy-high postage prices. They seem to have stuck with a minimum of £4.95 for virtually everything. Its slowly approaching the absolute rip-off (HOW CAN IT BE LEGAL???) bid.tv et al prices!!
I totally agree £4.95 to send some peeloffs which would prob cost £1.00.
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Queen is one of my favourite bands of all time, but I'm surprised the guys didn't appear on IW; they've been selling out a lot lately, with the X - factor association, etc.

Queen has never been the same since Freddie died. John Deacon had the right idea.

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