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Boris Bear

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Jun 24, 2008
The guest has just picked up some hideous T-shirt and said, "I could imagine Liz Hurley wearing this."

How stupid do they think we are?
I think they make bets with each other before they go on air to see who can make the silliest statement.

It was very amusing on this morning's show to see Tiffany the v posh looking model wearing Quacker. She must have had a few stiff drinks to get through the hour with her dignity intact :)

But then again, there were T-callers ringing in to say how much they like the range - there's no accounting for taste.
Oh I know, I laughed out loud when I heard Jenny say that...Liz Hurley might wear Quacker Factory...if she was drunk....for a bet...but otherwise no ;)

Although, I have to say a while ago they had this really nice, quite understated purple t-shirt with a star design on which I was almost tempted with for a nano-second, but was good and didn't go for it.

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