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Mrs James

aka bella battenburg
Jun 24, 2008
borderline Cheshire

got this for a special night in front of the tele....:rolleyes:

got this for a special night in front of the tele....:rolleyes:

F**k almighty Mrs J, are there no limits to your taste in clothes! They'd go perfect with your IW pink floral trews!

Those jackets are selling though...heaven knows who to though! I can just about picture a frumpy middle aged woman wearing it behind the dog grooming stall at Crufts, but other than that I really really cant picture any woman, unless she's a bit (a lot) eccentric! Or Mrs James in front of her tele wearing the red one with her pink florals and maribou slippers!

Joking aside, I had some rather "questionable" jumpers in the Eighties, but I think even back then, I'd have drawn the line at wearing that! Might have worn a black baggy number with a pink poodle on the front...agghhhh!...but not that..NEVER!
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Everything quackers is theme based. Its all Christmas or Flamingo`s and im sure its fab if you live in Benidorm or Miami but i cant see it going down to well popping into Tesco for a pint of milk in Huddersfield or Glasgow :eek:
Fantastic quality but another brand that's too Americanised !
Its September and they are selling the same old same old Summer t shirts and shorts. I think QVC need to get some new brands in. Its bonkers !:rolleyes: either that or sack the buyers and get someone in who knows what the customers want.
But if it is selling - this is obviously what the customer does want.

No accounting for taste.
Embroidered bones on a jumper.... just what a fashionista needs! :D
Last Christmas at the outlet store in Warrington the staff were given Quacker Factory jumpers with Xmas trees etc on the front to wear for Xmas week. :embarassed:

Some of the older staff had succumbed but the young girls were throwing hissy fits!!! :eekhair: :LS:

They point blank refused and didn't wear them in the end.
Poor Debbie Greenwood actually wore this in the show! They said that you would really be remembered if you wore this, well I cannot argue with that but remembered as what?
Oh Jesus ! Beulah is sporting the sequin number now. She looks like a bluddy Stepford wife. :eek:

Anne Dawson has her kazoo and they are all getting excited about Jeanie Bice stuff and yet the woman herself has never shown her face on QVCUK.
Hanging onto Summer , with a spring design that they should have shown in May or June, its peeing down with rain in the UK and they are flogging Spring fashion in September and are trying to get us all excited, the way they do in USA and its just not working for me.
Great quality fabric, washes well but make it stop !:D
Yep, they're making Anne Dawson work for her money tonight there's no doubt about that, she must have drawn the short straw :D. Great entertainment, though...haven't heard her hint for freebies, yet :confused:.
Hmmmmm Spring fasion in September :cool: maybe it's like the Christmas in July thing ? ;)
T caller has just been on saying that when you wear QF you never see anyone wearing the same thing. For the life of me I cannot imagine why!:eek:
I am a fool. I posted this and then went and bought a velour suit in black with a fleur de lys design .:eek::eek::eek:
I had one from a shop a while back which washed like a bag of rags and so went for this. At least its winterish :D
I can always clean the house in it and will look the business for when the posty delivers more crap lol
So where DO you all shop? Seeing as though the "fashion" on QVC is so repulsive
It's September and they are selling the same old same old Summer t shirts and shorts.

On the 25th they have a Christmas special, so I guess that will be more Christmas than Flamingoes!:eek:

I've said this before (and I've been slated for it around here, but actually don't care) but I like Quacker.:p I'm not frumpy or middle aged. As far as I can tell I'm trendy and fashion aware. Sometimes I wear Quacker (yes, even outside the house) and I enjoy it. They happen to be well made, cheery and very, very comfy. I don't get people running up to me to ask where I got my sparkly t-shirt, but neither do I get people pointing and laughing either. Sure, there are items that are way too much for me, but I wouldn't rule them out for someone else. I love fashion, buy Glamour, InStyle and Vogue every month, but I refuse to spend every single day of my life worrying about whether everything about me is serious enough for everyone else! It's blinkin' dull and grey outside and I happen to have on a t-shirt depicting a sparkly pumpkin and I'm happy! So there!;)

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