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Sep 24, 2008
If nobody minds me asking, I was looking through the forums and on the web as I found the most lovely design in a PT ring and came across a thread for windows.., , however, I do love this ring in design, but think it may have windows?

obviously i dont have the ring here, (yet).. I know the photos are dire on gems but i have saved and zoomed in on the pic, but still dont really know what i am/or not looking for. having ditched several items (again-sorry) to get this as its last in stock.

if anybody can let me know if im right ..or hopefully wrong. i never really heard of windows til now.

the vid is in the link and if u rite click u can zoom it,
Be careful of ordering PT without having it seen live on air Suzy. The piccies and videos have been very hevaily photoshopped.
There was a PT hour last week and all (except one) PT's shown were very pale and full if windows, you could see through it, clear glass it was.
The video of your ring does not show it clearly, and imho, the colour is too pale: PT should be like tropical seas; striking electric blue/green
thanks, i think it is myself . i think i fell for the design over the gem. suzy x
Sorry Suzy meant to say i agree with Tia only buy PT that you have seen aired, but that doesn't even guarantee you will receive that one lol just buy a one of a kind lol
why can't i zoom in on the videos?
It is a pretty design Suzy, which they did with a number of different stones a while back.
Sorry to disagree with what others have said, but my advice is generally "suck it and see"! I noticed that the ring you like has an excellent review. You won't really know until you've seen it IRL - and over the years some of the pieces I've been doubtful about have turned out to be great. If it does have windows, or no colour, send it back!
I'm afraid buying gems when you can't see what you're getting is simply a case of potluck. It would be so easy if they were predictable just like manufactured stones, wouldn't it? lol

Unless it's one of a kind, I agree with Miss Magpie, that you just don't know what it's going to be like until you get it home. I've lost count of the number of times I've returned something for a replacement, where the second (or third sometimes!) has turned out to be 100% better.

If you like it, go for it Suzy and fingers crossed it'll be a good one.
Sorry Suzy meant to say i agree with Tia only buy PT that you have seen aired, but that doesn't even guarantee you will receive that one lol just buy a one of a kind lol
why can't i zoom in on the videos?

hi, if u right click the item, u shud have a small pop up type thing where u can zoom.
Thanks all for tha advice, after taking it all into account i have put in my order as i have now gone for sat super saver for a week sat, so i can make better decision once my other items have come today.. so i know what funds i have...

i really do like the design, i have looked for same design in other stones but cant seem to find any, and as said, it has a good review, its the last one in stock cos i rung to check, i did the buy option which cost extra 15 over the bid process but if i had lost bid i know id have kicked myself.

it has a good gemweight too.

the return option is prob better than the 'wish id got it but its too late' option.

Thanks all for ur help. going to make a cuppa n give Jaq a kuddle.

Making the most cos im back to work tomorrow after being poorly. But forum has kept me distracted from this horrid bug....

No joy i just get settings and about adobe flash player?
Sorry you've been ill hope your all better now, fingers crossed you get a fab paraiba x

hmm, not sure why that is, my zoom is in the same box as adobe settings, but at the top.. mine is adobe 10.
The zoom facility is useless anyway (unless the piece is a one of a kind). If there were several made, they pick one at random to video (and you're right GC, the video's haven't been "doctored". However, the lighting is deceptive and specifically makes the gems look better than they are).

So Suzy, the only way to know, as everybody has said, is to get it home for a look. As Ooops as mentioned, she's sometimes bought things 3 or 4 times until the "perfect" one has arrived and I've done the same. I once bought a particular ring and Ooops wanted it too. It just so happened that I was going to Gems and whilst in the warehouse was allowed to pick the one for her. Out of about 40 rings, there were only 2 that, for me, were winners and she and I both got one!

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