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Jun 30, 2008
Has anyone used this range of vitamins and skincare? They have what looks like 2 pretty good 4 day deals on offer and was just wondering if it was worth trying. TIA.
Hi all

Don't usually look at this forum but was browsing and just noticed this post.

Just felt I had to comment as I take Protocol and I'm convinced it has helped my skin and hair and people have commented. Incidentally, I tried a much cheaper version of collagen but I really don't think it made any difference and now that I have switched back to Protocol I really think I've noticed a change. Could be an illusion but it seems to work for me.

By the way, I never heard about all the allegations.
hi. could some one fill me in on what the allegations are..thanks

i think the thread was on the old forum but rather than being against the product as such....the allegations were against some of the claims made on air. It was reported to the ASA and they upheld the complaint if i remember rightly. Someone with more precise info will probably come along soon. :1:
There was alot about it on the other site, can't find anything on here so went hunting on google and found it.

This was the overall conclusion....

We told Ideal World not to repeat the claims or to make claims, direct or implied, that the Proto-Col range could improve health, vitality or well-being or improve the complexion and aid recuperation from injury by putting collagen back into the body. We were concerned by Ideal Shopping's repeat breach of the Code following a previous ASA adjudication on the Proto-Col range and warned the broadcaster that failure to comply with the Codes could result in further action.

Adjudication of the ASA Council (Broadcast)

Taken from
In my review spotting I came across this...

By Anonymous Reviewer from somerset on January 6, 2009

"The Proto col range has to be the best products I have ever bought, I look and feel 10 years younger than I did five years ago and everyone wants to know my secret. So thank you James and please keep your products coming to Ideal World.
I wouldn't be without the Protocol capsules.They have improved my previously awful nails beyond belief---they were all soft,bending and flaking but now I can use them as tools again.I've only used the skin care that has come as a bonus with a Protocol POTD but it's nice.The moisturing gel takes a bit of getting used to as the texture is so different from a normal cream but it leaves my skin really soft and I've never had any adverse reaction to any of it,unlike a cleanser from a supermarket range which brought me out in red blotches after just one use. Wish I could afford both of the current offers but money is tight right now.

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