Protocol tablets - any good and benfits?


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Susie Wusie

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Jun 24, 2008

Has anyone tried the protocol tablets, are they any good and if so in what way do they benefit you? Watched a snippet before leaving for work this morning but all they kept on about was the tanning spray, which does look good, but it is the pills l want to know about.
Many thanks in advance.:6:
Susie Woosie, I have been taking them for a couple of years now (not sure exactly but certainly at least 18 months). Call me stupid but I do think they work for me. I am convinced they make my skin look a bit softer and my nails and hair seem stronger. I also think they have helped my aching joints. I have to admit I do take a few other supplements, however, people did comment when I first started taking them. Maybe it's all in the head. I also tried a much cheaper version but don't think they worked.

I know they are expensive but sometimes you can pick them up on Ebay too. The current offer on IW is a good deal. I got the fake tan but haven't tried it yet.

Good luck!
As I eat dead cow (despite feeling guilty about it sometimes) it doesn't really bother me, but they do emphasise that they aren't suitable for vegetarians.
What about the skincare? Anybody use this?

I tried one of their Try-Me sets - made me red, rashy and itchy :11:

I have sensitive, reactive, rosacea skin.

Maybe the marine based products? I don't get on well with Elemis Pro-Collagen marine cream either......

Using Alpha-H with great results at the moment......obviously sugar cane and harsh chemicals DO suit me!
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