Professor Amos 4 Day Deal


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I watched bit of it at 9, but gave up after 10 minutes of seeing the guy prancing around. Far too expensive, when you can walk into a Pound shop and buy something equally as good. Still, it was a new product to me, which is something I suppose.
I looked for reviews for the Professor Amos products online and they were *very* mixed. It appears that these sell on HSN in the states and you can find the reviews there. I was interested in the drain cleaner, but from the reviews I read it's either the best thing since sliced bread or complete rubbish so I passed!

Just flicking through the channels and saw that Professor Amos was on BUT he had who I assume is his son on air with him. Wow!!! If they show more of him I'll buy anything.......yes, I'm that shallow :21:
I was going to get some but then read the reviews and stopped. I do wish they'd use real things that are dirty - now that would be the test!

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