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Jun 24, 2008
Hiya everyone just wanted to let anyone know that's made recent web orders that some orders placed on the web within the last few days are not being processed as problems with computer system i.e. customer services can't find details of some web orders - customer services has said there is a problem and trying to sort it but don't know when IT dept are dealing with it! I ordered on 15th October - they have got no record of my web order even though I have a record of it phone orders are ok - yet more problems hope you are all ok with you're orders :1:

Also sent a item back for refund and it's been sent back to me by mistake so no refund and got to re-send it back - not a happy bunny, really hope things get better because jewellery is lovely.

Anyone else having problems:(
Thanks Panda - all four of my orders were placed on the web & none of them have shown up yet. The oldest one is from 11th Oct. Have sent them an email with details of all four orders & asked them to call me.

If they have lost them I will not be asking them to find them again. I just won't bother ordering until they have sorted it out. Hopefully my yellow diamond one, ordered yesterday, will turn up.
So sorry Panda that your orders have gone missing. I hope some of items you wanted are still in stock and in the end you'll get what you wanted.

I've just placed my very first order with them on the web tonight, so thanks for raising this issue. I'm going to call CS first thing in the morning to make sure my order has been acknowledged. I'm not going to be a happy camper if it's gone missing. :crysmilie:
Hi Miss Kitty & Melusina
Thank you for replying, can't re-order items at the moment as they said might then duplicate orders and get charged twice if they do eventually find orders on there computer systems have spent 20 minutes on phone today and didn't resolve anything best to ring and check orders have gone through I placed an order on Sunday Night (on web) and no record of that either, hope you both have better luck x
Have checked my credit cards online. Looks like only one of the four orders has gone through, and not with all my order on it.

I am so P*SS*D OFF as now I have all the hassle of sorting stuff out, checking the credit cards online every day to make sure they haven't done anything else they shouldn't have. Can't even block the credit cards as that will mean they can't put credits back on.

I am just speechless with rage.
So sorry Miss Kitty you are having the same problems too I have been charged for my order on the 15th but no delivery and no trace of order, I rung customer services as sent an email about my problems and they didn't reply to it so ended up 20 minutes on phone and still no solution to problem just 'we are investigating the problem' supposed to be ringing me back tomorrow (we'll see) also will have to check order from yesterday probably end up charging me for that also even though they have got no record of it on there systems as yet. I feel really annoyed as well Miss Kitty it's no way to keep customers certainly won't be ordering again until issues have been resolved.
Thanks Panda - all four of my orders were placed on the web & none of them have shown up yet. The oldest one is from 11th Oct. Have sent them an email with details of all four orders & asked them to call me.

If they have lost them I will not be asking them to find them again. I just won't bother ordering until they have sorted it out. Hopefully my yellow diamond one, ordered yesterday, will turn up.

Not if I can hijack it - ha ha!!

Sorry you're having problems everyone. I ordered on the web on 12th October and received the order on the 16th. I also ordered last night on the web and have received a confirmation email but after reading about others having problems I'm now wondering about my order. Did you all receive confirmation of your orders?
Yes, all four web orders had confirmations and appear in my order history on the web with the correct order number and amount.

The two telephone orders don't show on the web & I have not had any type of confirmation other than the order number given to me by the operator.

Not had anything like a despatch email or a DHL tracking number.
I called CS and they do have my order. I'll just have to wait and see now if it shows up!

However, I have an Aquamarine pendant in my basket and I was hoping that they'd let me pay for it over the phone at the price I got it for last night, just in case I lost it checking out online because of the web problems you've all experienced. They insisted they didn't have any web problems and I'd just have to buy it at the full price or check it out online. It's just not worth the hassle tbh, so I'm dumping it.
I've spoken to two very nice customer service ladies today. I cant fault their concern and kindness - full marks.

Four orders are missing - all of them on the web. I have been charged for one and the others are pending. They can't understand how the charge has happened, rather than it just being pending. The earliest one, with my AAA Tanz Ruby pendant is missing in action - no pending, no nothing.

They hope the IT people can 'find' the web orders tomorrow. :31:
Hi Miss Kitty I have had a call from a very helpful lady in customer services and she said that she will ring me again tomorrow as 'lost' orders should hopefully appear back tomorrow once computer system (hopefully) is sorted she was very hopeful that my orders were only temp lost on the system we are not the only ones though Miss Kitty she said over 200 calls about web orders up to this morning which had disappeared hope you get some good news also tomorrow :1: hope I get my order from the 15th soon as I have been charged for this order even though they said I shouldn't of been charged till dispatch!
Fingers crossed then Panda.

The CS ladies have been just great - it must be very hard for them.
OK, today's update. My four missing web orders have still not been found. The lovely Lynsey is crediting me for the one that had been charged and promises to call me as soon as my orders appear.

No sign yet of my sister's white diamond or my yellow diamond ring, though perhaps it's a bit early. As both were placed by telephone, due to the basket limit, they are on the system - hooray!
Hi Miss Kitty really pleased you are getting a credit for your missing order my order has now appeared on there ordering system is awaiting dispatch only got the one missing order now hopefully that order will be found lovely lady rang me again today and said as soon as order reappears they will contact me, must say the lady I have spoke to in customer services has been really helpful. :1:
I thought it was just me having probs! I have queried an order last week that they hadn't sent, but others ordered after had arrived, they eventually got back to me saying the delay was due to the web admin being in Thailand.

Today I rang re an order which I had placed on the web but when I tried to check out an item disappeared, so after phoning and talking to customer service and sales (team Leaders) told the order would be placed and given a phone order number. rang today as it hadn't arrived only to be told one of the items was no longer available, placed on the 16th and I had to ring to find despite assurances, that it was all sorted out, I'm not getting the items, and a second order was also having probs. so I told her to cancel both.

realy like the jewellery and am happy with what I've had but some of this was crimbo pressies and I need to know I'm getting what I ordered. The girl i spoke to was very sorry but wasn't bothered when I said cancel the 2 orders were over £100 pounds, so I guess I havent spent enough to matter
Lost Orders

I have placed 4 orders over the web with rocks and co. Two have been received, but orders placed on 30/10/08 and 4/11/08 are not showing on their system. I phoned this morning and was told they would investigate and ring me back within 24 hours!!
Will let you know when.

I hope I'm not tempting fate here but I have never had any problems with Web Orders. In fact on two occasions I was stunned when I checked out after 11pm on a Sunday night and received the orders on the Tuesday!! I've found the web to be much quicker than ordering by phone. I'm sure they'll get their systems fixed soon - just very annoying teething troubles unfortunately.

Hope you all get your goodies.
Hi All:

Miss Poly, please let me assure you that all our customers matter to us.

While I am hoping all these issues are now resolved, if yourself, Sylvia180 or PandaBear are experiencing any problems, please send Rocks & Co. Helper a PM and she’ll get right on it. Rocks & Co. Helper is there to look after our friends at shoppingtelly.

These teething problems are frustrating and I want to assure you that we are doing everything we can to fix these. Our jewellery and gemstones are fantastic, and we’re committed to making our systems the same. Thanks as always for your feedback and to everyone at shoppingtelly for being so candid.

Best Wishes,

I'd like to say thank you to Rocks & Co helper for getting back to me yesterday to say my green diamond ring has now been shipped and will be with me in the next 48 hours. :wohoo: I can hardly wait to get it now. M x
Oooo Melusina a Green Diamond - lucky you. I'm green now cos I want one too! Please post a pic when you get it - can't wait to see it.

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