Problem with TSV - sterling flower cuff monochrome


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Jul 11, 2009
Has anyone else received theirs? At a distance my monochrome one looks lovely but upon close inspection the white agate is patchy and one of the cabochons is uneven on the surface, another one has black flecks in it. The black agate is also a lot shinier than the white. Mines going back for a replacement. Anyone else had problems with theirs? I hope replacement is better as it is a lovely piece! Upset about it as I'm full of flu and it cheered me up when it arrived - until i saw the faults!
Sorry you had a problem with your TSV. Didn't order it myself but I was tempted as it looked stunning.

I have the flu as well so I know what you mean about needing cheering up. Hope you feel better soon.:flower::flower::flower:

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