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Jul 26, 2008
A new line for QVC.

Very bold, but what do you think?

My first thought was have stepped back to 70's
print confusion more like. i cannot believe this woman worked for betty barclay and lejaby.
the added plastic beads further add to this.......... range
I think some of the stuff's lovely!!!! I think it's a bit overembellished tbh, which will look nice until some of the beads start hanging off, or get damanged by the iron. I don't buy from qvc, but I'm really tempted by the chocolate brown swirly dress. No, I think this range is a refreshing change from the usual clingy arcrylic and lace of Kim and MH, the fabric looks more natural, the designs are bright and funky without being garish.

The only faults I can see so far, is that they're too pricey, and have far too much in the way of bead detail...other than that a vast improvement on the usual stuff!
I only watched a few minutes and thought YUK, curtain material of bygone years, most of it is good old polyester / elastane.
Wierd and if you really want something like that you could check out the charity shops and pay less.

Else just wait for it to go to clearance cos it will :D
I saw the first item (a vile floral top) and thought oh no, here we go again, I bet there will be something on the forum about this!! However, when I wandered back into the room later on, I saw a tie-die top in subtle colours and that really wasn't too bad. I think it sold out because they had something similar in a dress later on. Perhaps it was the same top that Mrs James liked. I don't know what the collection was made of though because I didn't hang around to listen.
Well Charlie was in raptures about the range....if i was his wife I`d be worried .....I hate men presenting fashion and I use that term loosely...should have been called Frumpy Fusion

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