Price Fixes To Prevent Discount Vouchers Being Used


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Just watched Vicki auction this tanzy necklace for £89.95 and she made a big deal of saying lowest ever price, previously sold for £99.95 blah blah blah. that so people cannot use the current £20 discount voucher code applicable on items between £99-£399 then?? :33: Call me an old cynic but I've noticed they do this a lot during discount promotions. :rolleyes: :pPC:
Hmmmmm....I don't get what you mean?...I don't think TJC will take pains to design and mail out vouchers to screw it up during redemption. Plus, there are a whole more products you can use the discount on. I simply don't agree with you on this.....for
Hmmmm, they could be stopping us from spending the vouchers on the £99 items (by putting the price down to £89) in order to get us to buy the more expensive items instead... or maybe it's just a coincidence. The big clearance is supposed to have ended, so presumably there won't be so many price reductions now?
Promotion Vouchers

I think it was the late summer promotion where the discount amount changed at £199 and £399 and some items were being sold at £198.95 and £398.95. I'm sure I wasn't the only one to point this out to them. I think they hope the "addicts" won't be watching! Haven't noticed similar recently

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