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I had a bit of a pink diamond moment a couple of weeks ago and ordered these:- £298

This went back pronto. The goldwork was disgraceful and the bracelet looked cheap and awful. I was so disappointed. :sad: £198

I thought this wouldn't be a keeper but it's lovely. The pinks are very sparkly and have wonderful fire. I've teamed it with a white diamond ring on either side and love the look. If there are any left I'd highly recommend this one.

I'm still in two minds about this one. £249

Unfortunately I've gone past the 10 day return period so if I decide it's not for me, I'll sell it on. I'm just not sure whether I like the reverse combination of white diamond in the centre and pink outers. What I have been surprised about is how lovely the white diamond is and the ring is a nice substantial feel despite looking delicate. There's absolutely nothing wrong with this apart from I'm not sure it's "me"!

Love your first ring Meeshoo ... looks "the business" with the white diamond stacker rings.
I like them all, very pretty! Would love to get into coloured diamonds a bit more myself one day :)
Both stunning rings i called cs about the first one last week and they wanted double-treble what you paid (can't remember the price quoted now as i fainted from shock!) its also in the clearance on the web now for £341! i'm desperate for a pink diamond ring but not at those silly prices.
They're both lovely Meeshoo but I particularly like the first. The way you have it with your other rings looks beautiful. Obviously far superior to the Yellow Diamond one I got but then it was a lot cheaper so I should have realised there was a reason for that! :doh:
Hi Meeshoo
I think both are lovely although I'm not sure about the white central diamond contrast with pink..but i'd learn to love it!! They both look so much better in your photos than the pictures on the website..hope you can decide:flower:
They are gorgeous, im still pestering oh for a pink diamond, think i'll have to turn the thumb screws a bit tighter lol xx

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