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I woke up to watch the repeat on the internet but heavens the guy can put me straight back to sleep.
I have heard (read) that people discussed a presenter chosen through a competition. Is this him? How did he win? What on earth were the others like if HE won?
Or maybe I am just irritable on a Monday miserable morning:giggle:
Not the most electrifying but I like him, he seems a gentle soul:angel:
he had experience as he had been on another shopping channel-Express shopping channel.
He is the worst presenter on qvc. I could never understand how he won the competition as there were some really good ones - unless of course it was fixed (not that i would accuse anybody!!).

He is the only one that actually makes me switch off the tv - some of the others I can watch in small doses or with the sound off!
I can't make up my minsd about Craig - I can find him both reasonably pleasant & normal one minute & then the next find both him & his particularly grating regional accent the most irritating thing on the tele! :giggle:
I like Craig a lot. His presenting style might not be to everyone's taste but it would be a very boring world if we all liked the same things wouldn't it? I personally like his accent and find him far less irritating than the sugary sweet Clare Sutton who talks to everyone like they're 4 years old!!
I like Craig.
He seems pretty genuine to me,unlike the false candy floss sugary sweet Claire or Claudia who finds it hard to string a sentence together without giggling like a 10 year old.
I, too, like Craig. He is friendly and very down-to-earth. He loves his candles and takes them very seriously - taking sure to carefully describe them. I LOVE my Yankee Candles but wouldn't like to spend an hour trying to describe one scent after another! One of the channel's better presenters, I think.
I haven't watched Craig very much, but I liked the way he described all the scents. I believe he loves his candles every bit as much as he says he does.
I like him too. At least he seems sincere when he says he uses the products rather than folk like JR and JF who either look like they are begging for freebies all the time (former) or gush about everything they present saying the use them when it's impossible for them to do so (latter). x
Nope, cant stand him. He is too over..... everything.

In the early days he spoke of not being able to finish renovating his flat due to lack of finances, yet everytime he is on air, he always mentions having the product he is presenting, at home !!!! whether its candles, cooking equipment, bedding, cleaning products etc - so dont talk about the other presenters bagging freebies, this one must be laid down with them when he leaves the building, or his income must have trebled.

Sorry, but to me he is an ingratiator, and we had a word for people like that when I was at work !
do all the presenters on Q V C get all the products to try out
they all seem to have them at home

think i will try for next presenters job

fat chance


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