Prepology microwave bowls


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Nov 4, 2008
Has anyone who got these had trouble with the lids becoming very loose so that they are no longer airtight? If so, did you manage to fix it? We have adjusted it so that it is ok for one go but the next time you put the lid on it is loose again.
I would like to send them back but looking at my account I think that would make me a prime target for the letter/phone call. My returns include faulty goods plus one shoulder bag that was beyond me to open or close as I have arthritis but when I look at the current page on "My Account" the majority of items are showing as "Returned".
Why not give QVc a call and ask to speak to a supervisor and explain you really did not want to return the item, but unfortuantely the problem with it is............. and explain whats wrong with it and say to her will this be okay to return as you have returned a few things lately due to them being faulty, and you do not want to be in any trouble. Then they are fully in the picture and may put a note on your account. The fact you have bothered to call them will make them feel you are bothered too.

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