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Does fuzzy logic tickle?
Jun 24, 2008
Mon...Memory Foam Topper Pick of the Day
Tue...Gem Illusions Pick of the Day
Wed...Fly Flot Pick of the Day
Thur...Polti 4 Day Deal
Fri...Protocol Pick of the Day
Sat...Tom Tom Sat Nav BlockBuster

Very exciting POTD's (not) I can't wait for wednesday's.:54:
IW certainly know how to keep their viewers interested. All we need to add to the list are 21st Century Corsetry, Slinky and the 4-Way Ladder......what more can we ask for?! :33:
Of course.....don't know how I forgot! There's Greased Lightening as well - the list is really growing now! :54:
There's no Pocketsurfer!!!!

Well, that's it!! No damn point in watching now if there's no Pocketsurfer.

Seriously though, it makes you wonder what is going through the heads of the powers that be at IW.
Sat 9pm : Create and Craft pick of the day
Sun 9pm : Create and Craft pick of the day

You know what this means don't you?

A CRAFT WEEKEND! Hoorah, we haven't had one for.....days! :35:
Thanks everyone, I know what I've not missed or won't be missing for the next few days. Good to know that you are all so dedicated IW fans.

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