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Jun 25, 2008
Have they put their postage up again? (as if it wasn't high enough before!)

How can they get away with it, there are so many cheaper sites on the internet, I often use those instead. I can't believe people are happy to pay their silly prices, they dont' deserve any buisness!::angry:
It's a shame thier postage is so high, especially when they do cheap products £5 -£10, it stops me buying as I think what a rip off.
There were a couple of things I liked the look of the other day costing around the £5.00 mark and the postage was £4.95. I am just not going to spend as much on postage as the product even if I am cutting off my nose to spite my face. It is just wrong.
I wouldn't mind if you actually got the goods!

This lady from Ideal world rang me yesterday. :cheeky:i would not normally answer the phone as its always sales, so usually let the answer machine click in and then call back the person if I want too. :giggle:Anyway I was expecting a call and was surprised when it was IW. the lady was trying to flog me some kind of ice something or other that removes dead skin cells of your face. she read of a whole heap of information all about it and was saying it was on offer:envy:. i could not get a word in edgeways:envy: so thought Oh well let her chat if it makes her feel better. At the end she asked me do i want the item, so i said well i will have a look on the website ( i have no intentions of buying anything of them with thier shoddy service but cant be bothered to say and be arguing with them:thinking2:) she gave me the item number, and I said I would look at it online thinking to myself great at least I get her off the phone now. She then said she will ring me back in a couple of days to see if I purchased it!!!!!!!!:sad: Hubby was laughing.:giggle: I said its okay laughing but i just wont answer the phone in two days time will I I know what im doing!!!:clapping:

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