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Last Sunday me and my husband stumbled across the jewellery channel by accident, saw a wonderful Kunzite ring for £99 first ever purchase was over the moon, after handing over my credit card details decided to browse TJC website. Shock horror, minutes after parting with my £99 the same ring was in the falling auction for £80 never again. Sorry TJC once bitten twice shy. Just wondered if this sour experience has happened to anyone else? :mad:
I agree with SCW: that's the chance you take with this kind of channel.

The item is there on the website and can be bought for £x. Might go on-air for a lower or a higher figure. A bit like the "Buy It Now" option on ebay. You want to be sure of getting it? Pay the fixed price. Alternatively, take the chance and see where it goes...

You can always e-mail the studio quoting the item reference. They do what they can to bring requested items into the auction.
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I'm sorry this has been your first experience with TJC but to be honest I usually find the opposite - the Falling Auction prices are usually more expensive. I had a similar experience on the "other channel". My husband bought a Sphene ring from the TV as part of my anniversary present. He paid £129 only for me to see it go for £79 on a show a few nights later!!! Had it not been for the fact he bought it a few weeks before he gave me it I would have sent it back but unfortunately it was too late to do that. £50 is a big difference and put me right off Gems TV - well that and the ridiculous way they are trying to sell things these days.
Are you sure it's exactly the same ring and not a similar one with differnt gold/ct weight? The only way to be sure is to check the stock numbers as designs can be very similar. Also, I think the rings in the falling auctions are often returns, so there might well be something not qute right with that one (slightly wonky setting, windowing in the stone etc.) and it's therefore going at a lower price even though it's the same ring.
By the very nature of the channel, prices will vary from sale to sale, but I'm sorry this happened to you on your very first purchase - if it is the exact same ring, I can imagine that it would leave a slightly sour taste in the mouth. Hope it doesn't put you off completely.
it happens. it's the swings and roundabouts of the nature of a falling auction channel. some you win and some you lose! it generally depends who is about on the day and who wants the item badly enough.

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