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Jun 24, 2008
I really felt for Craig this morning he had lost his usual exhuberance and looked miserable! He did try bless him but kept slipping back into misery! No wonder though - the amount of games where nothing or only one sold was embarassing! Wonder when the mass exodus will start? Mind you, there are a few presenters who better stay put - they won't get a job presenting anywhere else :p

Gems you have ruined what was a great channel and the only thing I can say to you is this - you are a bunch of :Bum1: :Bum1:
Is it just me or are most items staying/selling at £59. I have seen loads and loads and loads and loads and loads that stay/sell for £59. most of them are not worth that much.

It all started Klos hun with the timed auctions I think.
I only started looking at gems shortly before rocks.tv started & even I have noticed the change
The silly start prices were ok when the price dropped to something more sensible, but with these timed thingies it makes getting a good deal much harder, and I can't really be bothered with it:(
I've noticed that they've started putting "live" on the back screen in a lot of their shows, and at other times are using only clocks instead of both a quantity and a clock. Have they reduced live hours, or are they planning to perhaps?
Gawd knows what's going on these days.

I also found that you can't web buy those items with a clock but no amount (need the foot-tapping pee'd off smiley here), it says 'closed at' and the price keeps dropping in line with the telly :confused: Not that I've seen the ring I'm chasing appear on screen yet and as IW have one I like, I may give up watching and waiting for it!!!! :scarper:
I can just see the staff briefings...........

'Well guys and girls guess what new ideas we are going to try today!' We've been up all night brainstorming and this is what we've come up with - run these up the flagpole and see if they flutter in the breeze'!!!!!!!!!

Reminds me of the Bank advert with the two morons and the one sane chap sadly shaking his head.

Have you seen the little red 'Gems TV loves' hearts and yellow 'best buy' stars on the web games? :rolleyes:
Blimey I haven't tuned into Gems for ages - so who are the "new owners" or is it still owned by Steve Bennett?
Blimey I haven't tuned into Gems for ages - so who are the "new owners" or is it still owned by Steve Bennett?

Hiya Ingers, long time no see! How's ya doin' babe?
I don't actually know who the new owners are, but Steve is long gone hun. His new venture is www.rocks.tv which has its own forum here and is gaining a huge fanclub, in stark contrast to the reaction to the latest changes to Gems TV.
I'm afraid I can't be doing with Gems these days - every few days I scan the webgames to see if my long awaited perfect Mexican Jelly Opal ring is available, but that's about it. Even the morning Freeview hours that used to draw me in on a weekend are now just irritating, I think like so many others I've voted with my feet and given Steve all my bling money! And next months. And the housekeeping. And the shirt off my back. But the good thing is I've no regrets at all!

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