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Nov 2, 2008
Has anyone got a Pocketsurfer? I was tempted by the flexipay option.
Is the Pockersurfer any good? and do you think its safe enough to have IW take more these flexi payments, ie will they take the right amount?
Any ideas?
Been to look at this in the flesh in PC world as hubby fancied one. The screen is rubbish, IMHO a bit of overpriced tat.
I 've got one of those eepc's the small 7'' screen jobbies, and that is only just useable with such a small screen, the pocket surfer would drive me mad, you'd literally have to scroll down to read each and every word!
I have one. It's ok when you have no other choice like when on holiday but on the whole I wish i never brought it. The text input is labourious and hard. Best to get a phone with internet access, just as fast (even though the screen will be smaller but at least it will have a touch screen and you can write text in the conventional method.)
But it's in the sale, with a whole penny off!!! Should we not all be leaping onto the phones?

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