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Apr 27, 2009
What is it that designers of jackets on QVC have got against POCKETS ????

Ok a lot of people dont like them, but myself and countless thousands do. I even went on air and spoke to Julia K of Indigo Moon, as loads of others have done, and asked her to make jackets with pockets - yes she nodded wisely and said they do listen to customers huh ! that was 4 years ago !!!

I have just seen Eastern Spirit are doing jackets - again no pockets. If you dont take a handbag everywhere, then keys, dog leads, cell phones are hanging off each finger if there are no pockets !!!!

C'mon designers wake up and smell the coffee ! give us some pockets !!!!:angry:
Women's clothes NEVER have pockets - I'm always moaning about it! DH says it's because we have handbags but if I just need keys and phone a pocket would do. Grrrrrrr! :angry:!!!!
I suppose things are easier to manufacture without pockets as they just mean more work.

I agree though sometimes you don't want to take a bag and you do need pockets.
I think it's because they alter the line of a jacket if you stuff too much in them, but yes all we usually want to sneak in is something small. It's men that bulge pockets with huge wallets and packets of fags.

I like a pocket to be able to put a swipe card in for work. i do admit to having an indigo moon jacket (one of the few tasteful ones they did) which has pockets and has been ideal (it's an old one though so maybe pockets were phased out shortly after).

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