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Jun 24, 2008
Yorkshire Uk
Does anyone own one of these gadgets? Are they any good? Worth the money? Any advice please? TYIA
Bought one for my son and he ebayed it 5 months later! We didn't think much of it at all. The screen is too small and it's fiddly to use. Best buying a small notebook if you want something smaller than a laptop I would say Tabs!:1:
You'd be better off with the one they themselves have been selling tbh, I have heard nothing but bad about the Pocketsurfer. And as for taking 7 second to load a page, one night they were demoing these and it took over 51 second to load the bottom of the IW homepage. Too small a screen, too fiddly, I wouldn't mate.

Have a look at the other one they have been selling, as Andy Love himself said, "I wouldn't want the screen smaller than this for surfing" LOL, then 2 weeks later sells the Pocketsurfer.................
I have had 3 pocketsurfers in 6 months. The first one would not charge when I received it so I sent it back and they sent me a new one.

The new one worked OK for six months and then it would not connect, after a lot of contact with tech support it was deemed to be a problem with T Mobile so I returned it and they sent me a new one that connects to Vodafone (which I believe the ones that Ideal World are selling connect to)

The vodafone one I have does not have as good coverage as the T Mobile one I had and it often struggles to find a signal, which is strange as I have a Vodafone USB broadband dongle and mobile phone which don't have any problems with signals where the pocket surfer does.

I think the devices are very poorly made and unreliable, and in use they are very slow and clunky. When I am in a wifi area I much prefer to use my Ipod touch which is light years ahead of the pocketsurfer in every way.

However, when it is working OK the pocket surfer is very handy and as far as can find is the cheapest way of getting mobile broadband in a very small device.

If you can put up with the poor ergonomics and are very patient it is quite effective. I would much prefer an Iphone, which would be far superior but it is much more expensive solution and not really an option for me at the moment, so I'm sticking with the pocketsurfer. However, after the years "free" internet connection is over I don't think I'll bother paying the £40 for the next year, primarily because I don't think the unit would last long enough to get full use of the extra payment.

I like the idea of being able to get free internet from the mobile phone waves, but the screen is so small, I'd find it unusable. If they could bring out one which was mini laptop size then I'd be very interested!
One of my friends bought one of these and sent it straight back. The screen was to small for her and she said loading pages took forever.

She has since bought a notebook - not from IW - and is delighted withit.

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