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Missing my friends
Jun 26, 2008
Please ..... would peeps be happy to disclose their RocksTV username and who they are on the forum coz I'm getting awful confused when I'm chatting to you all in the Chat Room? :confused:

I'll start off:

I'm Fluff on RocksTV and fluff on here :D :D
Thank goodness for that M4G!!

Oops forgot to say thank you M4G sooo thank you! :D
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Thanks klos, pleased I'm not alone!:D

I'm going to have to write a list. :D
I'm Fader4 on Rocks- when I was 15 bleached my naturally red hair to a ghastly blonde and a schoolmate called me Fader. The 4 represents my 4 kids.
I'm PearlyQueen on there! :D
Made my first buys at auction tonight, the pearl scarf, blue topaz earrings, mystic quartz bangle and peacock green pearl necklace. Went a bit mad :eek:

:eek::eek: Just a bit mad! Hope you enjoy the haul!
Am Sammi here and Sammi there (the vote was NOT to change my name lol) but I'm still confused until a few more folks come out with their IDs.

Tabs and Anne - well I had no idea - but I'm glad to know who you really are.
hello girls after tonight ill just whisper that im scorpio!!!!! please dont shout not my fault i keep crashing the blitherin auctions xxx:eek:

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