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Jun 24, 2008
My friend ordered some Zhuh for delivery to Portugal 3weeks ago. It hasn't arrived. Is this normal and what is the best course of action?

3 weeks is positively embryonic on the I/W delivery time line.....I'd give it another month before your friend starts to panic :clock:

Regarding best action to take - your friend could try praying to their chosen God/Deity/Rock star of choice :rock:

I've heard people rave about the wonderful Gareth Parker but he's never done anything for me, apart from ignore my emails :thinking:

ETA [email protected]
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Has your friend had a despatch email? This normally gives a rough guide for delivery time. I do my ordering on line, don't use the phone.

I ordered a couple of things on the 29th March and didn't receive until middle of last week. When I queried it, I was told it was due to the Easter holidays. Saying that, I ordered some carpet shampoo last Friday evening and it has just arrived.

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