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Jun 26, 2008
Very similar to QVC's 'Claudia' ring, but with bigger diamonds and only £19.99.....
i know, l am tempted but it is the hassle of waiting for and then chasing up on delivery etc etc that stops me purchasing

I bought one and will let you know what I think when it arrives as I've never had anything from this range before.
It might even arrive before my blummin' Beverly Hills earrings...
Thanks and l hope your parcels arrive very soon

Hiya Susie Wusie - the ring arrived today and I must say it's very nice. The stones in it sparkle like fury and the ring is really weighty, solid and well-made. I'd definitely go for something from this range again tho' I wish they'd do more items in believable sizes as the stones are quite large in most pieces. His mum must have a stonker of a jewellery collection - have you seen the comparisons when he puts the real piece next to the PD copy?
ohh i`ve seen when he puts the real one next to the PD one and wow they look quite real acutally

I'm such a saddo I always try to guess which one is the zillion dollar ring his Mum's let him borrow from her gi-normous collection.
They were going on about an IW customer 'out there' who is wandering around with a real Tanzanite and Diamond ring because they look so real they somehow got them mixed up and sent that out instead.... Yeh...
I totally agree that it would be great if they did more believable sizes for the rings tho. I would like a piece of this but they all look so massive and remember the prices he quotes are for him to make it, NOT what a jeweller down your High Street would charge, so in reality no one is going to believe a £20k looking ring.

Btw you all heard about the Diamonaire they are bringing soon, I think that's what it's called anyway? What happened to poor old Czarlite?
I'm sure Mr Bradford will say it's the best simulant diamond he's ever seen, as he has said for every one he's come across :p
Got the ring last time, it was delivered quickly and looks great! Well worth the money and better than Diamonique IMHO. Couldn't help but notice the similarity with the "Claudia" ring too :)

Also, we never have issues with IW deliveries. Much quicker than QVC generally. I guess we're just lucky :)
I like this range, that's a bit worrying for me as I might be tempted to order again from IW and I'm not sure my nerves can take that.!!!


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