Pitchwell (Pitch TV) has gone into Liquidation


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Dec 9, 2008
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Just for those not curious enough to check the Pitch website; www.pitchwell.com

Dear Valued Pitch TV Customer,

We wanted to personally inform you that unfortunately Pitchwell Group Ltd has gone into liquidation. This situation has come about due to unreasonable steps taken from Lloyds bank which ultimately brought the business to a stand still. From the beginning of August 09, all payments received from customers for goods advertised by PitchWell, were re-directed out of the Pitchwell bank account and held by Lloyds. After several attempts to try and find a resolution with the bank and explain that without these payments, no orders could be fulfilled they refused to release the money. For a further three days, Lloyds allowed us to continue to trade, continue to redirect all payments and further took the decision that they would not allow us funds to pay DHL who despatch all of our customer orders.

Pitchwell had every intention to fulfil all orders as stock was readily available. Lloyds further took the decision to refuse Pitchwell to process any refunds requested by our customers. This has meant that we have had to take drastic measures and on Monday 10th August order lines at the call centre and website were closed and we ceased trading to avoid further customers being disappointed.

We advise all customers who have placed an order and not received goods and those requesting a refund to contact their credit card company directly and request a Chargeback from Lloyds bank, this will allow you to get a refund for goods not received or a refund that has been promised.

Pitchwell is deeply sorry that this situation has arisen and will endeavour to bring about a speedy resolution for each and every customer that has suffered unnecessarily due the banks reckless disregard for Pitchwell’s promise to their customers.

We have kept details of all customers that this has directly affected and will be contacting you all directly to help resolve this situation.

If you have further questions, then please do not hesitate to contact us at Pitchwell Head office on: 020 8457 3100 (between the hours of 09:00 – 17:00) or via email on [email protected] where all queries will be dealt with immediately.

Kind regards

Pitchwell Head office
yeah, me too- and theres me thinking britain was coming out of the recession with hundreds of new shops opening up in my area.. including asda's pathetic attempt at a teeny tiny store in Lancing :tongue2:

still, shame though
Typical bank behaviour. They don't give a damn who they hurt in their greedy quest for profit, profit and massive bonus payouts to their chubby staff.

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