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Apr 27, 2009
Yep, I am one of the people who ordered the ring that Pippa designed, and so far I think I am the only one who has returned it.

Nice, but not the WOW factor I expected from a ring costing that much, and checking on site, there are other equally as nice ones with diamonds and costing far less.

I did expect something special from "on trend" Pippa, but in essence it was a design that anyone could have come up with. Sorry Pippa !:doh:
No you're not the only one. I didn't like it either. As I said before it looked like anyone put it together and wasn't a 'design' as such. I think she's just hopped on the bandwagon after claudias ring that lots of us have. I have seen the 100 reviews for Claudia ring and you can tell from that and the pictures and drawings that she really does know her stuff when it comes to designing. If i'm not mistaking her family are in the business anyway. All i know is i'm still waiting for the other pieces from claudia. Why are we having to wait so long. ive written two letters to customer services asking when. do you think i should write directly to her?
Hi Country Girl,
you could always try writing to Claudia via her husband's company at executiveathlete.co.uk/about_steven_sylvester.htm its all about her husband who is a Chartered Psychologist (whatever that is), but if you go on to the Foundation bit, you see a picture of Claudia. So best of luck !

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