Pippa's Hair


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Suki 1

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Jun 24, 2008
I see Pippa has changed her hair colour again and her hair looks a bit longer, it looks really nice.
Sorry but I thought it looked very dull (as in boring) and didn't do much for her skin tone at all. She's very light skinned and IMO the more vibrant colours suit her better. :pPC:
Again sorry - I thought it made her look old. The bright colours made her look younger and more vibrant. Maybe not the very bright ones but somewhere in between would be better.
I do love it when she has bright hair.

Its amazing how her hair can come in all shades of the Dulux colour chart. lol :54:
IMO Pippa should have her hair longer. Her features are too sharp and pointy to have a Mia Farrow style but i love the colours she has it especially the bright orange.
I think the original colour has washed out, she did mention a few weeks ago that she had decided not to have her hair cut for at least 6 months as she fancied a change. It might be going through that stage when she can do nothing to it.

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