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Jul 27, 2009
West Midlands
What the hell is wrong with Pippa?? She has two black eyes or should that be purple, Oh my mistake its the bellapierre TSV she 's wearing. So glad I didnt buy it if thats the look you get from it. :wink2:
My thoughts exactly. I commented earlier that Julia and Amanda the model both looked badly made up on the launch last night, to the extent that they did not look like the attractive women they are in "normal" make up. If that's the result that professional make-up artists achieve from the products there's no hope for us.

Linda :wonder2:
Good grief just turned back on and she looks haunted:taphead:

What is that woman doing to that poor model, she looks like a Girl's World Head!

Don't think Bare Minerals will be worrying!
That bellapierre stuff just looks like it's totally difficult to handle - what a nightmare!
I know Pipa likes her dramatic dark eyes, but they made her usually tanned to goodnes skin look pallid!

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