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Apr 28, 2009
Hi Everyone, I'm new to the forum but have been reading it for a while, anyway I thought I'd share 2 items I've just received from TJC to see what you all think, I love pink gemstones and sapphires are my favourite!

I've never seen Kunzite before 'in the flesh' so to speak so decided to buy this ring, £79, it is quite pretty but abit paler than I thought but quite clear and sparkly with accent pink sapphires. Is Kunzite usually quite a pale pink?


Also I plumped for this lovely Pink Sapphire & Diamond Iiliana ring 18ct gold 1.25ct pink Sapphires, for £199 which I though was a good price - nice heavy band with lovely filigree detail underneath not hollowed out at all!


I hope these have turned out OK as I'm not used to posting pictures!!
Hi PP welcome to the forum, unfortunately i can't see your photos but i think i know the Iliana sapphire ring you've bought its very pretty.
Lovely photos! I don't know about Kunzite as I'm more a blue/green gem gal, but they look very pretty.
PP your pics loook good i love your pink sapphire ring and i do like the kunzite too. thanks for showing them and Welcome to the forum..... Mags

Hiya Pink Princess and welcome to the forum. Was a tad confused at first as we already have another member with the same name.

Lovely photos of two very pretty rings, I'm also very fond of Pink Sapphires indeed pink in any stone will do for me. As per your question, Kunzite does seem to vary quite a bit in colour saturation.....but always comes with a high sparkle factor to compensate for this. Patroke Kunzite has the deepest shades of pink, but I don't think TJC sells this particular gemstone.....or do they?

Your Illiana ring looks superb and being Sapphires will be more robust to wear than the Kunzite, which is rather more delicate.
Warm welcome, Pink Princess. Yes, kunzite can be really pale and I have sent a couple back as they have appeared more pink on the TV than in reality. That was until I got a Patroke kunzite which is the deeper pink I prefer. I hope you enjoy wearing your lovely rings :).
Welcome PP! Yes, be careful because Kunzite can be very pale. I've just bought a large kunzite ring from tjc (my first purchase in a very long time) and it's going straight back tomorrow. Although it has plenty of sparkle, it is the very palest of pinks - very disappointing.
Thanks everyone I will look out for Patroke Kunzite I'm not exactly dissapointed with my kunzite ring but it is just abit more of a delicate colour than expected, but I will certainly be adding to this ring as I like to have a set of jewellery to wear!
Sorry if I caused any problem over my forum name I didn't realise another member was using it as well, should I change it do you think?
Hi again I think it probebly would be best to change my name to avoid confusion so hopefully if I can get it approved I will be known as pinkalicious soon!

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