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Jun 24, 2008
Hi everyone,

I'm starting a new thread about this, because although I posted earlier under the original thread I started, it's slipping down the board. :)

I've been trying to use my Pilates machine but I have a couple of queries I'm hoping someone can help me with please:

When I first put the machine together, I stupidly thought the cords at the side (that attach to the stirrup thingys) needed to be taken out first. Then of course I had to remember where they went afterwards. I think I've put them back correctly, but I find that the stirrup things (for hands and feet) are still too long really. Can you thread them backwards and forwards through the metal loops as many times as you like?

Also, did any of you find it was easy when pushing yourself up and down, to hit the metal bit at the bottom quite hard if you weren't careful? I suppose you are meant to go up and down never actually hitting that bit, but do you find you have any problems?

I hope this post makes sense!
Not sure about the straps bit but you shouldn't hit the bottom and go bang!!! It's all in the knack of using it and it will come with practice!!! The straps shouldn't be too long, about at shoulder. when i'm on my back and put my arms in the air the straps are taught - hope it makes sense... It's important when using the straps that they aren't too long to stop the banging - the other banging is down to practice.
I've been pilating for years now and on my 2nd machine, I absolutely love it and I'm sure you will.
In fact I'm off to do 20 mins now - we walked and shopped Glasgow out yesterday and I'm sooooo stiff!!
As others have said you should not go bang at the end, but it comes with practise. I found that getting the straps right was a lot of trail and error but once done they don't need altering.

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