Pics of my latest couple of items


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Jul 16, 2008
South Wales

Thought you might want to see, these are from my last 2 orders:

Diamond and yellow gold ring, this is a christmas pressie for my mother, what a bargin at £22!!!!

Pearl necklace. I have these in peacock purple and love them, so it was inevitable really!!!

Diamond cut silver pearl necklace. This is so sparkly!!!! Unfortunately it didn't photograph as good as it is IRL. Beautiful, a real dressing up piece.

Garnet earrings. I just had to have these after seeing M4G's pair. They are stunning, the colour is amazing. I also bought them in amethyst as a christmas present for my sis in law, but I couldnt find them when taking the pics!! lol

Smoky quartz cufflinks for OH, very nice

Green amethyst cufflinks again for OH, he doesnt know about these, so they are for Xmas!

Pearl silver ring. Gorgeous, love it and goes with all the other pearl rings I have bought from rocks lol

Green amethyst ring. Bought this to go with the earrings (which I have returned for a replacement as they were not colour matched) I like the colour, a nice green, not too sure about shape to be honest. Will probably keep it though! lol

OK, lastly the 2 competition prizes. First one is an amethyst bracelet, which I have worn everyday since it arrived!! lol amethyst aren't great, but being free, I love it!! lol

Second is rose shaped diamond and silver pendant. Love the shape, diamonds again aren't the best, very cloudy, but for free I love it and I got some comments when I wore it today!

Well thats all for now lol, I am sure more will be along shortly lol :eek:
I love your concept of 'couple' :rofl:

Lovely piccies, although I don't know how you can givem them away as presents (well apart from the cufflinks lol) I would be tempted to keep them all

Well I was trying to be sarcastic, but guess it didn't work! lol Well i don't wear yellow gold, but looking at the pic I took, I could be tempted!! lol, nah, its deff for my Mam!

I am tempted by the amethyst earrings too, but I can always get another pair! lol
Well done you, they are great and WELL DONE for starting your xmas shopping, glad its not only me doing that :D

Great piccies!!!
And some fabby pieces......I particularly like the pearl necklace(photo no 3) will have to look out for that one!

And what fabulous prizes you have there.I won a prize when you got the amethyst bangle......we posted got the bangle and I received a mystery pendant.........had no idea what I was getting but it was lovely when it arrived.....just up my street....silver with a few diamonds and a bit of gold plating......I was really chuffed.

Enjoy all your beautiful things:1:
Wow you have been busy valley! loving the amethyst bangle purple is my fave colour!
I have the pearl necklace in the peacock variety and I agree its stunning...will have to look out for the white version now!

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