Phwoar...Kristall diamonds....


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Jun 16, 2009
I know I must be getting older when I start to fancy the silver haired guys...

The guest presenter on Kristall diamonds is quite tasty from a certain angle or is it me with my cider goggles on? I have to confess to drinking a bottle or two of magners so I accept I may not be looking at him with my usual day vision!!

Come on QVC, more eye candy for the ladies please!!
Nah, cider goggles not necessary fletchie, I agree he's pretty cute! I do like that sort of square, chiselled features look that many Russians have & love the voice! Yep, I'd definitely take him home to play with for a weekend......or two! lol
I find it hard to believe that's his real name (if it's the usual guest), didn't watch it today.
A silver daddy with some decent quality diamonds - what more could a girl ask for? :clapping:

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